Mary Land Pet Sitter is ready to lend a hand and take care of your lovable pet for you.

Any pet you may have – cats, dogs, birds, fish, even iguanas – Mary Land Pet Sitter is more than capable of taking care of it!

We have pet sitters who were trained for years, not only in basic pet handling and pet care, but also in administering first aid help to pets if necessary.

Our pet sitters are protected by insurance and bonding, so you can have full confidence that there would be nothing to worry about in case of any accident.

Not only are pet sitters in Mary Land Pet Sitter well trained and skilled, we genuinely care for various pets of all shapes and sizes, too.

Our facility is equipped with everything your pet could need. We ensure that each of the items we use for your pets are of high quality, perfectly pet-friendly, and quite clean.

The pet sitters at Mary Land Pet Sitter are extremely careful and will always comply to all your important specifications you want done to your pets during their stay with us.

For additional information, you can visit us at our Ontario office. Alternatively, you can send us an email or call us anytime between 8AM to 7PM. We are open daily.