Leaving your beloved pet behind to attend something important is very hard to do. Pets are part of the family, and to leave them behind even just for a short amount of time can really be worrying.

Pet sitters are a gift from God as they can help you get peace of mind that your pet will be properly taken care of during the time you are away. But not all pet sitters are fully qualified, and not all qualified pet sitters will be the perfect fit to your pet’s needs. First it’s important to decide if you want to put your dog in a dog kennel, or if you want a more personalized approach and have your dog stay in someones actual home or have a pet sitter come to you.

You have to be careful and meticulous when you choose the person you would entrust your pet with. Here are some of the important things you should look for in a pet sitter:

Proper Training
Just because someone loves dogs doesn’t mean they are the right choice. While it’s definitely an advantage if the pet sitter is genuinely caring towards dogs, you still have to be logical and choosing the ideal pet sitter. Look for proof of certification and training. Your pet sitter should be well trained in proper pet handling. They should have first aid skills and CPR skills.

There are thousands of pet sitters out there. Some even have decades of experience. But don’t just base your judgment on this. During the interview, make sure that your pet is with you. If your pet doesn’t seem to like the pet sitter you are interviewing, this person might not be right for the job or your particular pet.

Of course length of experience shouldn’t be ignored. Look for a pet sitter with years of professional experience. Ask questions about circumstances such as pet medical emergencies they have encountered before – how they have handled it and what are their plan of action in case an emergency arises.

Bonding and Insurance
You couldn’t be sure when accidents will happen, even when the pet sitter you have hired is exceptionally good with pets. Insurance and bonding will help ensure that you wouldn’t pay for medical expenses in case the pet sitter has encountered an accident while taking care of your pet.