Living with a pet certainly, have some wonderful perks. Pets keep you company and are generally good for your overall health. Unfortunately, there are some occasions when it is inevitable to be away from our pets for days; like when we are sent to another city temporarily because of work.

The good thing is, there are many pet sitters when can hire to watch over our pets while we are away. Pet sitters from reputable companies should be well trained in handling various kinds of pets.

But, just because a pet sitter is supposed to be well-versed when it comes to taking good care of pets, it doesn’t mean that you should leave them with no directions before you leave for your business trip.

You still have to provide some sort of instructions and guidelines that the pet sitter can refer to while you are away – after all, not all pets are the same. Dog food that was perfectly okay for the pet the sitter has previously taken care of might not be suitable for your dog at all.

First of all, you have to prepare a list of important details the pet sitter should know about your pet; like if your pet is allergic to a particular food, and schedule of medication (if there’s any).

You should also prepare the food and medication your pet would need. Place them on a spot where your pet sitter will see them easily – or better yet, show it to them so they know where to find all the essentials.

Your contact details and schedule while you’re away. This is important for cases when the pet sitter would need to call you. They will know the best time to call when you give them your schedule, too.

An emergency contact other than yourself will be necessary as well. If, for some reason, you are unreachable while you’re away, another emergency contact will be a great deal of help.

You should also provide the vet’s contact details to the pet sitter. This will come in handy in extreme medical emergencies when your pet would need urgent professional help. Contact Delta Pet Care for the best care in South Delta.