Giving them a nice, safe home to live in, regularly taking them out for a walk, providing food for them everyday – these are just some of the most common responsibilities we have in taking care of our dogs.

Some build a personalized dog house for their dogs, others prefer to have their dogs sleep on their very own bed. No matter what your decisions are in caring for your pet dog, one thing is for sure – you want  to give your best and make sure your pet is safe and comfy.

When it comes to food, some dog owners simply purchase the trusted, ready-to-eat commercial dog foods from pet stores. But sometimes, even when your dog is well-fed, it’s hard to resist sharing your own food with them – especially when your dog starts to give you that irresistible, sad look with their puppy dog eyes.

However, you have to resist the urge to share every human food you have with your pet, for there are numerous foods that might cause serious health issues to your dog once consumed.

Here are some of the human foods you should never give your pet dogs:

Raisins and/or grapes – Even though raisins and grapes are generally good for humans, sadly, the same can’t be said for dogs and puppies. Dogs might suffer from kidney failure when raisins or grapes are ingested.

Dairy – Dairy products such as ice cream are not suitable for dogs since these foods can trigger a variety of digestive issues. Many dogs are lactose intolerant by nature and can experience diarrhea and vomiting.

Food with caffeine – Caffeine can cause serious health risks for dogs such as increased heart rhythm, tremors, as well as sudden death. Vomiting and diarrhea are also some of the problems caused by caffeine ingestion in dogs. Keep your coffee and soda away from your dogs at all times.